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You Are Here

Updated: Apr 24

We are each on a path to God. It is our personal path. Therefore, where we are on our path does not suggest where others should be on theirs. We each have our own "You Are Here" flag. 

Viewed from our flag we may believe we are far ahead of some yet lag behind others. We might notice there are great lengths of highway between the sojourners and conclude that some have stridden far into faith while others limp pathetically behind. However, viewed from a million miles away we would see an entirely different picture. We would see the path to God lined with the whole of humanity, with insignificant gaps between those who stride and those who limp. The path would be littered with our sins yet buttressed by our faith and by our works. Mostly we would see we have traveled but few steps compared to the infinite reach of grace, drawn to the One who remembers our sins no more.

Embrace your flag. God knows where you are.

~Dave Driver


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