• Dave Driver

The Sky is Falling

The story goes that Chicken Little gets hit on the head by an acorn and concludes the worst: The sky is falling! A few others—Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, and Turkey Lurkey—get caught up in the hysteria and eventually scurry their way, unwittingly, into the den of Foxy Loxy.

Sometimes it's not just a story. Perhaps you have been around someone whose sky is always on the verge of collapse. Maybe even your sky, like mine, has dropped a time or two and you assigned a false urgency to what was actually a non-event. And perhaps, you have learned to pause, look up, and see the knock on your head as a reminder of the beauty of the mighty oak tree and its life-giving acorn rather than as a harbinger of bad things to come.

Just because their sky is falling, doesn't mean it must land on you. But neither must we walk away. The beauty of the mighty oak is even more profound when shared. 

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