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The Four L's of Life - How to be an agent of healing

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Lean in.



and, with great humility,


In the same manner we attend to ourselves when we are hurt or are hurting, we can attend to others' injuries.

When we have a sprained ankle or a sore shoulder, we pay attention to it differently than when our body is whole.  When we hurt, we can ignore it or we can lean into it. When we lean into it, we listen to where and how it hurts. When we listen, we learn how to treat it. Then we lovingly give it our attention to become whole again.

Today this is about a different body. Today in Minneapolis and across the country, a part of our body has been harmed, presently and historically.

How can we contribute?

As above, we can ignore it. Please don't.

However, if we rush in too quickly to ‘fix’ it—even in love—we, at best, bring an incomplete remedy. At worst, we further contribute to the injury.

But if we first lean in then listen, and next, commit to learning, we are better able—with great humility—to offer love. And please keep in mind love comes in many many forms. After having gone through the first three steps we will know which form of love to offer. This ‘knowing’ may take each of us minutes, hours, or a few days, but it will be an informed knowing based on our own capacities and the leadings of our heart.

May we be faithful!


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