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Guest Writer - Drewsome on Power and Freedom

Drewsome's hi-nice-to-meet-you name is Drew DeBiasse but she's been Drewsome to those closest to her for decades. Drew, born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, is a full time yoga and meditation teacher now living in San Francisco. An important stopover in her life was Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she grew into the person and teacher she is today.

Drew is also a gifted writer who lives her life full of love and honesty. Read her insight below:

Let Go, Be Free

The art of letting go is a worthy quest.

The greatest gift given to oneself is the power and freedom of having zero expectations.

There's a zen teaching that says,

knowledge is learning something every day;

wisdom is letting something go every day.

On paper this sentiment looks pleasant and almost obvious. In practice it’s one of the hardest to embrace, and it points out a deep, uncomfortable truth: most of us are in a prison of our own creation built by expectations we are either unable or unwilling to let go of.

We saw this truth play out in extreme ways this past week. For months leading up to it our collective dialogue has centered around the anticipation of 2021 and new, better beginnings. It only took six days for those expectations to be shattered and for our hearts to be broken. Could this suffering have been prevented, even if the same events took place? Is it possible to live fully without any fears or fantasies?

Harboring expectations of any kind undermines our happiness but it’s especially harmful when they’re underlined with the fear of losing what we have or not getting what we want. That particular prison is one of constant craving and aversion, and it goes against the holy grail of axioms: impermanence. All things come and go, the Universe says; nothing is guaranteed. All the more reason to not get attached to any possible outcomes, right? Better to hold enough space where anything can come up or pass away without it disrupting our highest path.

Yogis constantly practice the art of letting go. In every sun salutation, long-held posture and deep stretch we practice having zero expectations or attachments to the outcome of our efforts. Rather than fostering indifference, it instead builds the ability to cope and be resilient no matter what. Our attention shifts from being focused on what we want or don’t want, to instead living fully and joyously each and every moment regardless of circumstances. That’s real freedom.

Get on your mat this week and let go. It’s worth it.



(Click on the picture to learn more about . . .

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