• Dave Driver

What stories are you telling yourself?

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

When we encounter something that initially troubles us, very often we have incomplete information, and, we have choices.  

We get to choose what level of energy to spend on it.

Do we choose to ignore it?

Do we take it at face value?

Or do we add our own energy to it?

If we do add energy to the event, we do so by telling ourselves a story to fill in the gaps.

Not the actual gaps.

We can't know those without further discovery.

But the gaps as we see them.

The gaps that help us place ourselves in the event.

Will our take on that story be one of grace and graciousness,

giving other players the benefit of the doubt?

Will it be one where we portray ourselves as the victim,

affirming that their intent was to slight us?

Or will it fall somewhere between,

establishing a safe middle ground where we take the high road while still looking down on them?

What we choose exposes our securities and insecurities,

where we are vulnerable,

where we are confident.

But in every case, we get to choose, unaware perhaps, that our story does not illuminate the truth of the event, it merely illuminates the truth of our own heart, reflecting our current self.

If we love the stories we tell ourselves,

if we find them to be healthy,

no change is needed.

If we don't love our stories,

if they pull us down,

perhaps we need to choose differently.

The takeaway:

By choosing to put a generous spin and positive energy to the stories we tell ourselves, we actually begin programming our heart to choose grace.

What stories do you tell yourself?

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