• Dave Driver

Smile. It does a body good.

Have you noticed how smiling can lift your mood? Of course you have.

Whether you give a smile or receive one, our body smiles along.

This is true of other emotions as well. When we feel an emotion inside us, this emotion very likely registers on our face. And when we see another's emotion, it likely registers in our body. It's kinda cool—how we SEE each other—not just our eyes, but in our bodies, too. We connect with each other silently with our emotions and our expressions.

It even happens through pictures. Take a look at the two pictures below and see if you agree.

When you miss a step going up the slide

(and lose your front teeth.)

How did you respond to this picture?

Perhaps with a bit of sympathy, Ouch! or Oh my.

Picture #2

No teeth? No Problem!

How did you respond to this picture?

Smile! It's infectious.

AND . . .

It does a body good.

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