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Shout out to Ash Master Flash

I have gotten several e-pats on the back for my new stellar website. Not really fan mail, though. More of the variety of, "You? Dave? You built this website? It's really good. But, you did it?"

And it is good. And yes, I did make the new website happen . . . in a round about way.

Ashley Martin, who designed the book cover for The Bottom Turtle, could no longer stand my old website, cobbled together as only I could do.

So she called me (out) and said, you need a new website.

To which I replied, unconvinced, yeah, it could use a bit of a touch up.

Ash: No, not a touch up, not a facelift, not even a remodeling. You need a whole new site.

Ashley is not from Minnesota. She does not do Minnesota Nice. And I love her for it.

Me: Okay. Any ideas?

Ash: Yes. Me. I did your book cover and I do websites for realz. (Yes, she talks that way. Remember, not from Minnesota.)

Me: Okay. What do you need from me?

So that's pretty much how I made my new website happen.

And you can make your website happen, too, if you follow my two simple steps to success:

1) Contact Ash at AshMasterFlash

2) Say, Okay. What do you need from me?

For realz.

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