• Dave Driver

Path to Peace

The path to peace is formed by many travelers.

There are those

who travel in pain, seeking relief,

who travel in anger, seeking release,

who travel in confusion, seeking understanding.

There are others:

the compassionate who slow their pace and lean into the pain of others,

the strong who stand without judgement in the face of anger,

the brave who ask great questions to the confused.

There are those who recognize both sets of prints,

Because they are our own!

Some still fresh.

Some all but forgotten.

Some that time has no intention of erasing.

Were it not for the pain, the anger, the confusion we would be blind to our prints.

We would not know to look for



and understanding.

We would not learn to be



and brave.

Where there is no bad, there cannot be good.

Indeed, it is this contrast that defines life.

The path to peace is littered with the footsteps of life; our life; our lives.

The path to peace is ultimately formed by love.

Step confidently.

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