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Look Ma, No Hands!

“The Bicycle”

Fact Based Model Day 1 – Learns the definition of bicycle Day 2 – Learns the history of the bicycle Day 3 – Learns the names of the parts of a bicycle Day 4 – Learns the functions of the moving and stationary parts Day 5 – Takes a written test about the bicycle Walks home with A+ on paper

Inquiry Based Model Day 1 – Teacher rolls out the bikes. Asks questions. Answers none. Day 2 – Rolls ’em out again. Brings band-aids and steps aside. Day 3 – Kids roll out own bike. Teacher provides requested resources. Kids argue about which bikes are the best and why. Day 4 – Another day on the moving lab: kids demonstrate why bikes work and why each part is essential. Day 5 – Kid shows off riding skills, making a written and 'ridden' test superfluous.

Rides home with wind in hair and smile on face.

Teaches “A+” kid how to ride a bike.

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