• Dave Driver

Life is Awesome!

Life is awesome.

And we are caretakers of it.

And caregivers of it to others.

We get to be that because we have been given an incredible position in this present day.

We get to love the unloved.

To use our gifts for our pleasure, sure, but without neglecting those in current need.

There is joy in the giving and there is humble gratitude in the receiving but most of all there is a deep loving connection in the exchange.

The giving is not greater than the receiving. It merely precedes it.

Both are an act of love that draws us closer to the BOUNDLESS love of our creator.

I call Him God.

You may know it by another name.

By any name it is bigger and beyond and benevolent.

Through it you and I are connected.

How sweet that is.

How awesome life is.

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