• Dave Driver

Happy 72nd Mother's Day - May your Joy follow you beyond

Today our mother would have celebrated her 72nd Mother's Day, 65th to me. She was quite a lady. Quite an example for all six of us, my brothers, sisters and me. She stood in the gap when that strength was needed. She created structure for us, from childhood, through adolescence, and finally into adulthood with bridges that hold true and firm today.

The letter below is my attempt to communicate this on her 58th Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a bookmark in the pages we live everyday. A moment to remember, a moment to appreciate and to thank the woman who deeply shares and feels our joys and our pains. The one who would be second so we might become our true selves. The one who loves us so we can know love; so we can give love. Thank you, mom, for writing on the pages of my heart.

I love you. David (2008)

This Mother's Day, number 72, you are in the beyond. May all of your days from here through eternity be filled with the Joy and Love you so wisely and liberally poured upon us.

Happy Mother's Day!

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