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Does Love Matter?

Love seeks truth. Fear seeks safety.

So what is truth? And what is safety?

Truth is keeping your word, no matter how much it costs.

Safety is arriving at a point where your word erodes to protect a loss (real or perceived).

Truth is owning your action. You did it, plain and simple. Now own it. Maybe what you did was well thought out. Maybe the closest you came to any kind of foresight was what could go wrong? (This reminds me of a teenage boy I use to be know.) But still, when truth prevails, you own it.

Safety is excusing, deflecting, blaming, exaggerating, or downright lying about your action.

Truth is holding others to their truth; their words, their actions.

Safety is shrinking back from conflict (I have known this one, too) to the shadow zone called fear.

Truth is stepping in or stepping up on behalf of another on behalf of their need for safety.

Safety is stepping back, or aside, or not stepping at all, while aware those around you need a hand, a smile, a human connection.

Life at times will be uncertain and ever changing. Life, whether one of truth or that of safety, brings with it delight, confusion, loss, frustration, brokenness, hope, and things of utter beauty.

Is truth safe? Not at all. It can be scary. Truth can cost us a little. It can cost us a lot. But what it costs is measured on the outside. What we gain is woven on the inside.

Now let's add Love to our truth.

Love seeks truth.

The Love that seeks truth carries with it a magic bucket. Unused, the power of love remains in the bucket. Used, this bucket remains full. Used liberally, this magic bucket spills out from full to overflowing, splashing on, not only the one carrying the bucket, but to everyone touched by truth, changed by love.

If we choose safety, if we don't come to understand love along our journey, there are few roads worth taking. If we do find love, recognize love, see love in nature, move into love, cling to love, share love, every path we take is worthy.

Let us love. Let us be love.

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