• Dave Driver

Be Like a Pitcher

Okay, here's my (mostly) daily post.

It's plan B.

I spent hours crafting Plan A.

It didn't save. It reverted to my original draft.

I normally create in Google Docs.  This time I created in Blogger.

Too late to reconstruct tonight.

Too late to create a new one.

Lesson learned.


Life goes on.

It was about the household pitcher. It was pretty good. In fact, really good. I wrote about how a pitcher fills up and then gets emptied. How it becomes identified by what it pours out, what it shares.  Then I compared that to us. We are like a pitcher. We become who we are by what we take in. And we become known by others by what we share or pour out.

That’s pretty much what I wrote, but the words were pretty and thoughtful.

But now as I write this synopsis, I realize this is all you need. You don't need pretty words and fancy comparisons. You get it. So go, be like a pitcher. Fill yourself with goodness and generously share it with everyone you meet.

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